About vesuv

Vesuv is what make you computer look like control room of an old steam power plant or futuristic like it's device from scifi movie. It depends on what you are preffering.

Vesuv, the very extensible system usage monitor is complete system for visualizing cpu/memory usage on analog voltmeters connected to the computer. The project is now in alpha state, so prototype device with two analog votmeters connected to the paralel port is created in order to test software with real devices. Usb version is with more voltmeters is being developed.


Source code is available on [ ], curently it's in alpha state. Software consist of vesuvd daemon that runs on background, read informations about system usage and controls analog votmeters and client that controls daemon via unix socket. Current system usage library supports only linux 2.6 (more hopefuly comming soon).


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